The Individual Summertime

The Individual

As in much of his work, in this current series “The Individual”, the human form is present in every image and a photograph is used to highlight that person’s own private moment or emotion. However what is unique to this series is the use of paint to represent the individual’s surroundings. This is the first time paint has played a prominent role in any of Robinson’s series.

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The Individual The Individual
The Individual
The Individual Everything Always
Everything Always
Redacted Flight


A collection of photographs where multiple images, text and other media are combined and altered to make them into a single work. All media was printed on transparencies, then layered by hand, lit and reshot every time a new layer was added. This series is a more portrait driven progression of Transparent. The final image is a photographic print. All media was created by Paul Robinson.

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Redacted Color The New Yorker
The New Yorker
Redacted Damn It
Damn It
Redacted Last Night
Last Night


A series of collages where photographic images of several cities from around the world are printed on transparencies and then layered by hand on top of one another to create a collage where every layer is visible. This allows for far more depth than is possible with a traditional mixed media or photographic collage. Throughout the process, it is lit and reshot every time a new layer is added. The final images is a photographic print. All images photographed by Paul Robinson.

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Transparent Tonight
Transparent March
Transparent Saturday

In Camera

This collection of multiple exposure photographs layering architecture, landscapes and people from around the world, was created 100% in camera, on film and without any digital manipulation. These images were created using a very structured method of documenting where a particular image was shot as well as where in the frame particular objects are. The film was then rewound, logged and stored until the desired location or image for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th layer was found, sometimes as much as a year passing between layers. The final image is a photographic print.

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In Camera Farmacia...Panacea
In Camera Nerve
In Camera Anna
Reflections Petit Riviere
Petit Riviere


This collection of photographs is a dissertation on reflective and non reflective surfaces combined to create a particular perspective. This series was shot in many cities around the world and the final image is a photographic print.

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Reflections Sur la Table
Sur la Table
Reflections Yellow
Loveeverlast Dear John
Dear John


This collection of photographs is a whimsical and sometimes sarcastic interpretation of love.

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Loveeverlast Bedtime Stories
Bedtime Stories
Loveeverlast American Dream
American Dream
Manfleur Poppies Poppies Poppies
Poppies Poppies Poppies


This is a collection of photographs where human beings are used as props for, or intertwined with flowers to create a unique story for each individual image in which a particular flower is highlighted. The final image is a photographic print.

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Manfleur Cruising
Manfleur Narcissus


This collection of black and white photographs was shot entirely with a long lens to create a voyeuristic feeling of peering unnoticed into another's private moments.

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Voyeur Girls
Voyeur Shelter
Voyeur Ella Fitzgerald Listening
Ella Fitzgerald Listening


This series of photographs is a study on the brilliance of water.

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H20 The Surf
The Surf
Ipanema 1
Ipanema 1
H20 Into the Sea
Into the Sea
Safari Wildebeest


A collection on photographs shot while on Safari in the Masai Mara in Kenya during the wildebeest migration.

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Safari Buffalo 2
Buffalo 2
Safari Cheetah

Art Installations

Art Install 2
Art Install
Art Install 3
Art Install 4
Art Install 5